Best Office chair Under 300$ – Review | Buying Guide

Best Office chair Under 300$ – Review | Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best office chair for under 300$ for your office or study area? We know that working in a wrong sitting posture becomes a cause for different body pains and will be a reason for breaking your concentration at work or study time. In this coronavirus pandemic times, the whole world

Are you looking for the best office chair for under 300$ for your office or study area? We know that working in a wrong sitting posture becomes a cause for different body pains and will be a reason for breaking your concentration at work or study time. In this coronavirus pandemic times, the whole world will digitalize, and most people are now doing work from home online and offline, too. Hence, they demand the best ergonomic office chair under 300 to fulfil their needs.

Nowadays, people spend 12 hours out of 24 sitting in an office chair in front of their computer screen. Many people complained about pain in their bodies because of the uncomfortable and wrong sitting posture in their office chairs.

That’s why Doctors recommend the best and most comfortable office chairs to people, which gives them the right posture of sitting and optimal comfort, so for the solution of this problem, we offer our best for search. Best office chairs, in this review guide we cover under budget office chair which can fulfil your requirements.

We make sure that select only those office chairs give our users comfort during our research and make them pleasant feel at work all time.

In this review of the best office chair under 300$, you will find different types. These best ergonomic office chairs include Executive, mesh, and task chairs, and all these office chairs are made with leather and fabric.

Some chairs have unique features which come in an expensive office chair, and some have standard features. And In this Selection, we also Take care of our fatty customer’s comfort, which fits their personality.

Best Office Chair Under 300$

Product Name Image Ratings Purchase
Smug Desk Brand Ergonomic Mesh Office
Buy Now On Amazon
Clatina Executive Leather Big And Tall Office Chairs
Buy Now On Amazon
Clatina Fabric Executive Office Chair
Buy Now On Amazon
Chairin Ergonomic Task Chair with Adjustable Armrest
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Sihoo mesh computer chair with adjustable headrest armrest backrest
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Office Star Pro Grid High Back Office Chair
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REFICCER Big And Tall Executive Office Chairs
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Smug desk Brand Executive Leather Office Chair
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Amazon Basics Big and Tall Ergonomic Office Chair
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XUER Brand Black Mesh Office Chair
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1. Smug Desk Brand Ergonomic Mesh Office

best office chair under 300$

In the beginning first office chair, we listed in our post is a high-back mesh office chair manufactured and produced by a smug desk. A smug desk is the largest leading office furniture manufacturer brand in the USA. It is continuously winning the heart of its consumers through its quality manufacture products. We make sure that to provide you detailed review regarding this product.

This Chair is beautifully designed and built reinforced to ensure a comfortable office chair seating experience. The multi-function 3D padded Armrest rises its comfort to the next level. They have one press adjustment button; with this button’s help, you can adjust the height of an armrest and move horizontally in forwarding and backward direction.

The back of a chair is exclusively comfortable from its headrest to lumbar support; the headrest is multi-dimensional, which provides an option to rotate it according to their desired head and neck support position. Lumbar support can grip your lower back and reduce spine fatigue and offer a relaxed feel on your body.

It also has a reclining back feature, which helps you take a nap when you get tired; the Chair is reclining back with the help of its tilt lock mechanism. And this is the best office chair for 300 lbs. Yes, you read it right! It can support up to 300 lbs. weight capacity. According to “Smug Desk”

The Chair is Depends on the solid base, and the wheels of a chair are made with PU casters, which can move silently and durable for 360-degree movability. Assembling a chair is a very easy-peasy process if you will follow the assembling instructions of a chair.


  • 3D padded Adjustable Armrest
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Support weight up to 300lbs
  • Tilt lock mechanism
  • Recline up to 117 degree
  • Easy-peasy headrest and armrest adjustments


  • The headrest is not suitable for tall people
  • Many people complain about their Casters
What are seat Dimensions?
Width = 20.87” Depth = 17.82” (Company Claims)
What is the height of the seat from the seat to the floor?
17.91″-21.85″ (from seat to floor) (Company Claims)

2. Clatina Executive Leather Big And Tall Office Chairs

best comfortable office chair

The second option in the category of best office chair under 300$. We recommend the Clatina executive leather office chair, the feature of this Chair that attracts us, is that the seller says the Chair can support up to 400 lbs. weight. This big and tall high back office chair can adjust big and tall people easily on its completely bounded leather cover seat due to a chair’s design.

Its extra-wide place has become more durable and softer for those who want to sit in a spacious chair.The shape of a seat looks like a waterfall, which reduces the pressure on the back of the legs diminishes fatigue when you sit on a chair the whole day.

It has adjustments features and can swivel to 360 degrees; with a tilt function, the seat can be rock back and adjust the height according to your desired posture. According to the seller, he provides a guarantee of a chair. Then hurry up and don’t be late for purchasing this brilliant Chair.


  • Adjustable height
  • Thickly padded armrests
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Lumbar support
  • Ergonomic design


  • The armrest is not adjustable
  • Cannot suitable for small spaces
  • Don’t have a recline function
What are the measurements of a chair?
24.4″ x 30.7″ (Seller Claims).
How much actual depth of seat?
30.7 inch (Seller claims)

3. Clatina Fabric Executive Office Chair

best ergonomic office chair under 300$

It is another clatina big and tall office chair. Most of the features of this Chair are the same as the previous one, but the best part which we like is the sizes of clatina chairs; they are significant in format and can support heavyweight. These brand chairs give maximum comfort to their users according to reviews of its brand consumers.

This exclusive Chair is built with a sturdy base and frame for support weight of up to 400 lbs. In my view, I don’t need to talk about its Comfort level because we can see in a picture how comfy it looks. After looking at this Chair, a funny thing comes to my mind: the shape of a chair seems that someone tries it to turn the couch into an office chair shape. (Just kidding!).

If you are facing back pain issues and want to buy the best office chair for back pain, I guess it is a fantastic option for you because it can give you more comfort than your old one. After all, the high padded back with a soft headrest increases its comfortability.

If you become fatigued by doing too much work and want some rest while using this Chair, tilt its mechanism and enjoy its rocking function. The clatina company usually claims its products’ warranty, which is an excellent support for their consumers.


  • A soft padded seat covered by upholstery fabric
  • Steel base and arms with plastic wheels
  • Weight support up to 400 lbs
  • Best choice for big and tall
  • Provide extra comfort


  • The assembling process might be lengthy if you don’t follow the assembling instructions
  • The color of a chair is not suitable for all places
  • Maybe its fabric become a reason for sweating on your back after sitting a long hours
How Can I Get The Assembling Instruction Manual?
The instructions came in the box with the chair.
Is wheels can lock if I don’t want to roll?
The wheels do not lock. The chair comes disassembled. If you don’t want the wheels, you have an option not to install them, but you need a rug or some protection for your floor.

4. Chairin Ergonomic Task Chair with Adjustable Armrest

top 10 best office chair under 300$

If you are looking for a task chair under 300$, which is suitable for a small area of space and Provide an extraordinary comfort zone at your working place, then on this post we have also added an office task chair which I guess, This Chair is the best option for you. Let me tell you its unique features which makes forced you to buy this one.

It has a 3d adjustable armrest that can fully adjust, and the adaptable lumbar support gives support to your spinal and makes sure that it saves you from spinal pain. The Executive looks like a chair that provides a bossy feel to its users.

Typical chairs seat is about 17 inches, but chairlin says that their seat sizes are up to 19 inches and can hold up to 300 lbs person easily, suitable for big and tall peoples. And the wheels can be rolled 360 degrees and help silently move from one place to another in your work zone.

This Chair comes in 2 variants, T shape and nylons base; some features you got in T shape Variant, and some are in Nylon base variant, but the point is that is both options are Comfortable?

If we can see user reviews, then the Answer is absolute “YES” if I talked about users in percentage, then the 75%-80% user is happy to use it. If you want to do work with happiness and comfortably, then don’t wait for anything; press the Buy now button and make it possible to take it to your work station.


  • Fully adjustable armrest
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • A large seat gives additional comfort
  • Seat made with thick cushion
  • Easy steps for assembling


  • Comes in only one color
  • The armrest is in plastic
Is It Good Lumbar Support Office Chair?
Yes, it is! I have a lot of back pain issues and sciatic pain, this chair makes it possible to sit comfortably for a long period of time during working hours.
What Is The Height Of A Seat?
T16” – 20”
What is make the difference between T shape and Nylon base?
T shape has an adjustable armrest and also has tilt tension and the nylon base has adjustable lumbar support.

5. Sihoo mesh computer chair with adjustable headrest armrest backrest

Best office chair under $300

The next best office chair under 300$ on our list is M18, Which SIHOO designs. It is a Chinese brand. They started their brand in 2011. After Many Years of effort, they are now the leading furniture brand and preferred by many users.

Let me tell you about a chair’s seat, so seat made with a sponge layer, which helps increase your comfort level. The back of a chair is made with elastic mesh fabric, which allows you to ensure that the air’s passing and its features will amaze you. I am damn sure you will like the Chair by its components.

This adjustable office chair has lumbar support with an adjustable pillow. You can adjust it up and down and fix it on your waist according to your choice. It can control with a rotatable knob that is fitted on its same back. The headrest of a chair is suitable for those who suffer from neck pain because it can be lifted to the upper side and set on a neck according to your will posture, which helps to share the neck’s stress easily.

If you are finding an office chair for a high desk, this one might be useful for you because you can adjust the height of a chair and Armrest if your desk is high in elevation, and you want to sit equally according to the height of a desk. the Chair is facilitated with this option too. You can press down its mechanism and increase its measurement.

The last feature I noticed that in it. Suppose a person is tired of doing continuous work and wants some rest, so he/she has an option for leaning back by just pressing its mechanism and can enjoy leisure time with relaxation. If your all feature requirement is fulfilled in this one package, then be quick about it? Click on the BuyBuy Now button and grab your Chair quickly.


  • Much Easy to Assemble
  • Have an ability to lean back
  • Rotatable headrest
  • Lumbar support with waist pillow
  • The height of a chair is adjusted


  • The armrest is adjustable but cannot be adjusted on the back and forward.
  • Don’t have a locking system in the headrest
What's is the material of chair legs?
It’s made of stainless steel
Is A Chair Can Be Swivel?
Yes, the chair can be rotated and lifted.

6. Office Star Pro Grid High Back Office Chair

Most comfortable office chair

When we are searching for the best budget office chair at that time, we discovered this one. This Chair is by office star. Their existence came to the fore in 1987. In this Chair, I noticed that this looks small in size in a picture which is I think suitable for remote areas and also has mostly features which we covered in the above chairs, the back of it is Breathable mesh fabric with built-in lumbar support.

It comes in a Black Upholstery fabric that can match any office or home colour theme. If you are searching for a small comfortable office chair that can get a small space and give more comfort, you can count this Chair on your list.

Features of a chair may be little in the count, but it has all those features, making it a complete package under 300$. The height of a chair seat can be adjusted, and it can support up to a 250 lbs. person weight while the Armrest of the Chair is also modified and allows its user to relax in their desired position and increase their productivity.

The weight of a chair and a person sitting on it relies on the base of a chair. If the base is not reliable, then the Chair cannot support its own and person weight. Its base is made with durable titanium, and along with it have an attached carpet caster; a combination of casters and titanium colour provides a modern look to its base. The colour combination and features of a chair will give a stylish and stunning sitting at your office.


  • Comfortable seat and back
  • adjustable seat height
  • Padded thick seat with fabric meshes back
  • Durable titanium base


  • The height of a back cannot be adjustable
  • Comes in only one color
What is the maximum and minimum height from floor to seat?
The maximum height is 21.75 inches, and the minimum is 19.5 inches. (approx.)(Seller)
How many widths of the seat pan, maximum height of the armrest, and how much weight can it be supported?
Seat dimensions: 20W x 18.5D; Seat Range: 19.5″-21.75″; Arms to Floor: 26.25″; Weight limit is 250 lbs.

7. REFICCER Big And Tall Executive Office Chairs

big and tall ergonomic office chair

Are you one who is looking for an executive office chair? Then you found gold in the form of a chair. The features of this one are incredibly unique. This Executive Chair is by reficcer. If we tell you about reficcer chairs, they are mostly selling big and tall high back office chairs, a complete solution to comfort and unique features.

The design of reficcer chairs provides you with super comfort. These chairs have built-in lumbar support with an adjustable knob. With the help of a knob, you can increase or reduce the force on your back.

Height can be easily adjusted and having a Reclining feature too in it. And with the reclining function, it also has pulled out and flipped over the footrest. If you want extra rest or a nap during working break hours, recline a chair and pull out a footrest and enjoy your break hour; the colour of a chair comes in black bonded leather, which can be the cause of luxurious addition to your working area.

Let’s look at the bottom area; the Chair’s bottom base is made with heavy-duty metal. The casters install in their legs are made with nylon, which is called nylon rolling caster, and weight can support up to 400 lbs. The Chair is good in this price range of best office under 300$ So, Order now to avoid regrets if it ends, you’ll lose the best office chair.


  • Built-in lumbar support with an adjustable knob
  • Pull out and flip over the footrest.
  • Thickly padded headrest
  • Wide seat cushion
  • Heavy-duty metal base


  • If you have a small space, then I think it would be not suitable for your working are
  • Arms rest are not adjustable
Is this recline or rock too?
It does not rock. Only tilts into a set position that you set with the handle. (Customer answer)(approx.)(Seller)
Does the chair come in real leather? Will it peal?
I’m not sure what it means to be bonded leather, but I had been used it for a few months now, everything still right, no peeling so far(Customer answer)’

8. Smug desk Brand Executive Leather Office Chairbest ergonomic office chair under 300$

If you don’t find the best affordable office chair according to your requirements, so no need to worry, let us suggest another office chair which is also manufactured by the Smug desk. You’ll like a chair when you read further about this office chair.

This Chair is upholstered in leather with a maximum density of the mesh, which can help air circulation and provide a breathable experience to its users; its features are not unique, but they are essential features that help give a comfortable experience.

When you feel fatigued after doing continuous work, then removing your stress, has a padded headrest and Armrest; put your head on its headrest and arms in an armrest and relieve your focus. With the help of a cable-actuated mechanism, you can customize its settings according to your wanted comfort.

In this selected ergonomic executive office chair, you have an option to rock it in a backward and forward direction and adjust the seat height according to your desired posture. It is designed with a solid structure and can support a weight capacity of up to 500lbs.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Comfortable padded seat and back
  • Smooth wheels
  • Weight capacity up to 500lbs
  • Padded headrest & armrest
  • Solid Designed Structure


  • The armrest is not adjustable
  • Only comes in one color
Is the Entire Chair rock?
The entire seat rocks.
How much easy to assemble this chair?
It is helpful to have two people, one to help hold the back when you are screwing it to the base of the seat. Overall it was easy

9. Amazon Basics Big and Tall Ergonomic Office Chairbig and tall executive office chair

This amazon basic executive leather office chair is designed for those minded people who want to do the addition of that Chair on their office, which provides casual seating and not looks bulky at a place. If you are also a minded person, I think this is quite a good option for you.

In these black executive office chairs, the Chair is covered by black bonded upholstered leather if we look at its features and material. The Base and its padded Armrest are attached to a metal body, and the design of a chair is like a modern high back office chair, which covers your complete back and gives a comfortable feeling.

If you want to increase or decrease the height of a chair according to your choice, it has provided an option to optimize a height by height adjustment function. The fantastic thing about this one is that the company says that this Chair can support up to 500 lbs. person weight.


  • Tall & well-padded back
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to roll with its smooth wheels
  • Easy to put together
  • seat shape from the edge is like a waterfall
  • overall back is cushiony and comfy


  • The Armrest is not adjustable
  • It can be tilt-only, not recline
  • Sharp Edges around the wheels
Do assembly instructions have come with it?
It does, but honestly, there’s not much to it, and pretty simple to figure out, I recall it was picture instructions.
Is it made with genuine leather?
It appears to be. But if not, then Manufacturers did an excellent job with fake leather.

10. XUER Brand Black Mesh Office Chair

best ergonomic office chair under 300$

XUER makes another Mesh office chair which is placed on the list of best office chair under 300$. The design of a chair is Excellent on its level. We would get all those features in this chair if I talked about its material and components.

The cushion of the seat is made of a sponge and covered with mesh. The seat chair from its edge looks like a waterfall that reduces pressure on a thigh, and with its W-shaped seat design, you can sit in the middle of a chair.

In this mesh computer chair’s features, we can adjust its Seat height; along with seat adjustment, we also adjust its armrest height and Headrest rotation according to our comfort. The surface of the Armrest is made with nylon, and the headrest is made of durable mesh. It has adjustable lumbar support on the back, flexible in a front and rare position, and comforts your waist.

Along with a stable Aluminum chair foot, we will get flexible wheels, which can help us move from one point to another. The maximum weight capacity supports up to 330lbs. It means a little bit healthy person can also enjoy its comforts.


  • Breathable design adjustable Armrest height
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Flexible wheels for rolling
  • Easy to installation of parts


  • Wheels are not suitable for carpet
  • The seat is a little bit hard
Can Lumber support move up and down?
Yes, you can adjust the lumbar support up and down, front and rear.
What is the depth of the seat?
The depth of the seat is 20.07in


At last! Here is an end of the post which written for Best office chair under $300. On the above Office chairs list, we have covered those chairs that first satisfied us by their consumer reviews and their images, and then we listed them here for you.

Every single office chair listed above falls in the budget under $300. Each Chair has all standard features that should have a comfortable office chair; we put our best in researching these chairs and writing about them, and covering all about these office chairs.

If you like any office chair from them for your home or office? Or if you will buy any one of them, let us know your user experience about these products. So don’t forget to give your valuable review in the comment section. We will feel glad to see your feedback.

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